Praise be to Allah. 113. an impure thing makes other things impure whether it became impure owing to its contact with another thing which had become impure or had become impure directly due to contact with an original impure thing). If a person eats or drinks something impure or offers prayers with impure dress it is not necessary for another person to inform him (about his food or dress being impure). Firstly, there are people who are born in Muslim homes and thus they receive the blessing of religion from their parents. 102. 94. If there is an animal, which eats excretion, and a sheep, which has been nursed by a she-pig, and an animal with which a human being has had sexual intercourse its excreta is impure. Beer, which is prepared from barley, is called "Ab-i-Jaw' is impure. You’re right that every impure thing is haram for eating or consumption, but to say that semen is an impure thing just because it comes from the penis has no basis at all. Hence, if these substances reach outside the throat or nose the part about which one is sure that the impure place of the substance has reached it is impure and the part about which one is doubtful whether or not the impure place of the substance has reached it is pure. 58. an impure thing makes other things impure whether it became impure owing to its contact with another thing which had become impure or had become impure directly due to contact with an original impure thing). If dates, currants and raisins and their juice ferment they are pure and it is lawful to eat them. Najis Mukhaffafah or light impure is an impure that comes from the urine of a … 42. Any water drops or other liquids that fall upon your body or dress are to be considered pure as long as you do not know that they are najis. Things becoming najis by urine will be discussed later on. Answer: If you do not know that the clothes have come into contact with a source of najasah, you can consider them tahir (pure). It is prohibited to eat or drink or make others eat or drink something which has become impure. See I'm sitting in the student room, asking you what your dad might say/ask. Same is the case with saliva and water of the nose if it reaches blood within the body, but does not contain blood when it comes out of the body. But many Muslims, including me, don't even know why its so forbidden. 111. Question: If blood is seen in the yolk or the white part of the egg, does it make the egg impure and haram for us? 1 – Any najasah, liquid or solid matter coming out of the penis and anus like urine, feces, sperm, madi, blood, etc. The Second Type: Impure Water. 44. Question: Are the Bhuddhists among the Ahlul Kitab? If an ewer or a vessel which has a hole in its bottom is placed on impure earth and its water ceases to flow and the water which collects under it gets mixed with the water in the ewer the water inside the ewer will become impure. Most Muslim scholars agree that in Islam the saliva of a dog is ritually impure and that objects (or perhaps persons) that come into contact with a dog's saliva require them to be washed seven times. The impurity is neither transferred when it is dry, nor is transferred by non-flowing wetness. A validation e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address. 49. utensils which are used for eating and drinking) it is obligatory for the borrower to inform the owner about its having become impure. those who believe one of the holy twelve Imams to be God or say that God has penetrated into him) and khawarij and Nawasib (i.e. Following the example of a shoe's sole that can be purified by walking on the earth, would the same rule apply to car tires? And the verse of the Qur'an 7:157 which you alluded to does not prove semen to be one of the filthy or impure things. 47. Since we do not know his religion, can we consider that food as pure? 120. 139. 97. Being a Muslim is one of the greatest blessings of Allah Almighty. (See the question-answer section below). In this case, there is no need to remove the water by using a piece of cloth or vacuum cleaner, etc. Answer: The first mutanajjis item would make the item that comes into contact with it impure; similarly, the second mutanajjis would make the item that comes into contact with it impure; but the third mutanajjis can no longer make other items impure, irrespective of whether it is wet or dry. Similarly if the wetness of the thing which has become impure in this way touches a third thing that third thing will also become impure. As for the statement of Allah … Books on Islam, Muslims, Prophet Muhammad(s), Ahlul Bayt. Can such soaps be considered tahir? Answer: As long as it is not known that the hands of the shopkeeper were najis, the food is to be considered tahir. If a person becomes ceremonially unclean on account of an unlawful act and then has sexual intercourse with a woman who is lawful for him the recommended precaution for him is that he should not offer prayers with that perspiration and if he has sexual intercourse in the first instance with a woman who is lawful for him and then commits the unlawful act his perspiration cannot be treated as the perspiration of a person who has become ceremonially unclean on account of the unlawful act. If you regularly visit this site and wish to show your appreciation, or if you wish to see further development of, please donate online. 52. 88. 136. 124. are pure. Jesus used the moment to teach a very important principle: it’s not material things that go into our bodies that make us impure. Answer: The clot of blood inside the egg is pure, but it is haram [for consumption]. 119. Unrecognized Email or Password, please try again. The only difference is that if it is purified by the qalil water [e.g., from a jug or a glass], then the water removed from the carpet will be considered najis as a confirmed opinion and not as an obligatory precaution. Answer: If the probability of the leather originating from a zabiha (an animal slaughtered Islamically) source is so weak that people would not normally give any credence (for example, the probability of 2%), it is to be considered impure and this cannot be used in salat. 133. Najis Mukhaffafah. If an impure thing though it may be a sort of food-stuff can be washed with water there u no harm in informing the other man about its being impure at the time of selling or lending it to him. If a pure thing reaches an impure thing and one doubts whether both or one of them were wet or not the pure thing does not become impure. The site and the DILP are entirely supported by individual donors and well wishers. They believed that eating in an unclean manner made a person impure. Answer: The earth cannot purify the tires. Holman Christian Standard Bible Furthermore, we do not know whether or not chemical change has taken place in the manufacturing process. This has legal consequences and not spiritual consequences. The impurity transfers from one item to another through flowing wetness [that is, there is so much wetness in the impure item that it permeates to another item and makes it impure]. 92. Enter valid first name and last name with at least one space. It is water that impurities (urine, feces etc.) a thing like prayers, and fasting, which are considered by the Muslims to be a part of the religion of Islam when he knows at thing is a necessity of religion. Moreover, it is not obligatory for you to ask him in order to ascertain his religion; that is, even if doing so does not put you or him in any inconvenience. If the carpet and the mattress become najis by the elements that do not have a mass (i.e., do not leave any marks or stains on the carpet or the mattress), it can be purified by sprinkling water over it from a kettle or a jug once until the pure water covers the impure area, and then wipe the water away by using a piece of cloth or a vacuum cleaner, etc. Question: The earth is one of the purifying agents. If giving the holy Qur'an to an infidel involves its desecration it is unlawful to give it to him, and it is obligatory to take it back from him. Being unable to find a clean garment is a darurat (necessity, inevitability prescribed by Islam). It contains a lot of brief, yet informative articles about different aspects of Islam. Similarly Ghulat (i.e. 107. And if the wetness is so little that it does not reach the other thing being touched the pure thing will not become impure, even if it touches the original impurity. And m case a hole appears m the nail or the skin and it is difficult to take out blood and to purify that spot for the purpose of ablutions or ceremonial bath one should perform tayammum. Istibra’ (The Process of Cleaning the Urethra), Confining (Istibra’ ) of an Animal Which Eats Impurities, Coming out of Blood of a Slaughtered Animal in Normal Quantity, Ablutions Through Immersion (Wudhu’ Irtimasi), Orders Regarding Janabat (Ceremonial Uncleanness), Unlawful Acts for Ceremonially Unclean Person (Junub), Bath for Ceremonial Uncleanness (Janabat). 131. 41. 138. However, the blood which goes back into the body of the animal owing to its inhaling its breath, or on account of its head having been at a higher level at the time of its slaughtering, is impure. Such a clothes, need to be rinsed if it is purified by little water. If they are purified with pure water connected to a kurr source, even then it should be washed three times, as a matter of obligatory precaution. Some further details are given below about ha'iz women: Miscellaneous Problems Relating to Menses, Orders Regarding Acts to Be Performed With Regard to a Dead Person, Orders Regarding Shrouding Of The Dead Body, Orders Regarding Prayers For The Dead Body, Recommended Acts Regarding the Prayers Offered For a Dead Body, Wahshat Prayers (Prayers to be offered in connection with fear caused by loneliness in the grave of the dead person), Things On Which Tayammum May Be Performed, Method of Performing Tayammum In Lieu Of Bath Or Ablutions, Prescribed Time For Midday And Afternoon Prayers, The Prayers Which Should Be A Performed In Sequence, Qir'at (Reciting The Surah Hamd And Other Surah Of Holy Qur'an), The Recommended And Abominable Acts Of Prostration, Obligatory Prostrations Of The Holy Qur'an, Tashahhud (Bearing Witness During Prayers), III. 90. You have to do this twice so that the clothes restore their taharah. Purity (Arabic: طهارة ‎, ṭahāra (h)) is an essential aspect of Islam. Please explain the ruling in both cases. 103. So, if you place your hand on a dry najis item, your hand will not become impure. 128. Firstly: Blood is najis (impure) according to most of the scholars. 6. Answer: There is no doubt about the impurity of alcoholic drinks. 108. 2 – Breaking wind from the anus (farting). This is only for dogs. The dead body of a human being is impure. However, if you are not sure and just have conjecture that the garment has been purified as per religious requirement, the previously impure garment will still be considered impure and praying in it would not be valid. Such a change is not proven in manufacturing of soaps. A consensus has been reached on this by the scholars of Islam. Answer: If it is possible to wipe the water off the carpet by using a piece of cloth or a vacuum cleaner, it can be purified with qalil water, provided that the water is wiped off the carpet, in the process. Question: Can Muslim, who rents a fully furnished house in the West, consider everything in it to be ritually pure as long as he does not find any trace of impure things in it, even if the previous occupant was from Ahlul Kitab, i.e., a Christian or a Jew? 38. Can such a weak probability [about it originating from a Muslim country] be given any credence? But not all haraam things in Islam are impure for example: gold and silk are declared haraam for the believing men in Islam, but gold and silk in their essence are not impure substances. As for pigs, no source can be found talking about pigs. The water that has been wiped off from the clothes (while purifying it two times) will be considered najis on the basis of obligatory precaution, if there is no urine in them. The blood of a fish or a mosquito is pure because it does not gush. those who are enemies of the holy Imams) are also impure. Residing in a non-Muslim country makes the process of maintaining purity difficult for some Muslims as they deal with its non-Muslim citizens in various situations of their day-to-day life: in restaurants, cafes, barber's shops, laundrettes, and, in public baths and utilities, etc. 45. It’s not the fault of Islam. If the ground, cloth or other things are wet then only that part will become impure which has acquired impurity and the remaining part will remain pure. Answer: If it is proven to contain those [impure] elements, it should be considered impure, except if the occurrence of chemical change is proven. 146. In Jewish law, ṭumah (Hebrew: טומאה ‎, pronounced ) and ṭaharah (Hebrew: טהרה ‎, pronounced ) are the state of being ritually "impure" and "pure", respectively. Nevertheless, it is difficult to apply this order to those things which have not acquired impurity from the first impure thing, although it is necessary to avoid them as an obligatory precaution. (See the question-answer section below.). So this man comes in … Here is a simple breakdown of when water becomes impure - … 137. I love their playfulness and independence - they act like they don't need anybody, until they come to you wanting a warm lap to sleep on. In the end, it is not what you think that matters, but your actions and behavior that will be accountable on the Day of Judgement. Question: What about the leather products made in a European country, if we are unaware of the source of that leather? Although it is impure on a spiritual level and drinking it is one of the major sins in Islam, there is no evidence stating that it’s physically impure. The title of the page is 'masturbation in Islam' I'm sitting with my back to the door. © Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project 1995-2020. It’s what comes out of our hearts. 69. The food you put into your mouth doesn't make you unclean and unfit to worship God. 91. 57. However, if a person doubts as to whether a pure thing has become impure, that thing remains pure and even if it is possible to inquire unto the matter it is not necessary to conduct such investigation. 142. Should not be done excessively as it causes harm to the mouth or other parts of the body and therefore should be avoided. However, if, for example, he does not know whether it is his own dress, which has become impure or the dress which is no longer possessed by him and is the property of some other person, it is not necessary that he should refrain from using his own dress. Question: Where does the domino effect of mutanajjis items stop when it is no longer wet?1. And in case a child or an insane person eats or drinks an impure thing on his own account, or makes food impure with his impure hands and then eats or drinks if, it is not necessary to stop him from doing so. 105. The entire body of an infidel and even his hair and nails and all liquid substances of his body are impure. This blessing is bestowed upon a person in two forms. Are we allowed to say salat in them? 101. 63. Ahmadiyyas, Quranists, "Nation of Islam" followers, Druze, and Bahai's can also say the Shahada in complete sincerity, so unless you are claiming they are all Muslims, simply believing in the statement "Allah is the only god and Muhammad is his messenger" without interpretation and clarification, is not sufficient to define who is a true Muslim. But if, after taking out some quantity, a part of such a thing becomes vacant, only that part of it will become impure which has acquired impurity, even though the space which becomes vacant is filled up later. Therefore, the egg can be eaten by removing the blood from it, provided it not very minute and been absorbed in it. Same is the case with a melon, cucumber etc. However, we can only use pure water in order to purify ourselves and our clothes. Although the perspiration of a camel which eats human excrement and the perspiration of every animal which is habituated to eat human excrement is pure but it is not permissible to offer prayers with it. If it is not washed at all, it will not be considered impure anyway. © Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project 1995-2020. However, aquatic dogs and pigs are pure. Question: Are the Sikhs considered to be among the followers of the past revealed religions like the Jews and the Christians? The perspiration of a person, who becomes ceremonially unclean owing to an unlawful act, is pure, but on the basis of recommended precaution prayers should not be offered with it, and similarly sexual intercourse with a woman in her menses amounts to ceremonial uncleanness on account of an unlawful act. Any person, who abuses any of the twelve holy Imams on account of enmity, is impure. 129. Question: Can the clothes washed with liquid detergent in laundry facilities owned by a non-Muslim be considered tahir while knowing that Muslims as well as non-Muslims wash their clothes there? Precum is also Najis (impure) and is not to be in contact with the mouth. However, touching a dog doesn't make you lose your wudu. A Muslim tries to maintain the ritual purity of his body, clothes and everyday commodities by avoiding contact with impure things because such contacts would render the other items impure and would, therefore necessitate the process of purification. Islam’s perspective is that menstruation is normal and it is natural. All kinds of industrial alcohol, which is used for varnishing doors, windows, tables, chairs etc. An infidel i.e. Answer: Yes, he can consider everything in the house ritually pure as long as he does not know that it has become impure. 125. 141. As the blood of a fish does not gush, its dead body is pure, even if it dies in water. 135. 140. 36. 60. If a child says that a thing is impure or that he has washed and purified it with water his word should not be accepted. God says: Purify your raiment (74:4) and: God loves those who repent and who purify themselves (2:222). In case, however, one suspects that something is impure it is not necessary to avoid it. I'm unashamedly a huge cat-lover. 46. However, the more apparent order u that such a thing can be given to a child or an insane person to eat or drink. Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah, 6/416 39. In our School, it is necessary that it be washed and merely splashing water on it does not suffice. Enter valid first name and last name with at least one space. If clothes become najis by urine, they can be purified by sprinkling little water on them from a kettle or a jug, etc., until it covers the najis area; then the water should be wiped off by using a piece of cloth, etc. It is possible to purify the carpet or the mattress which has become najis by the elements that do have a mass (i.e., do leave marks or stains like blood or semen) by the same method as mentioned in No. Hence, it is necessary to avoid them also. 121. Why are you so paranoid.? If a person does not know whether a thing is pure or impure because of his not knowing the legal position - for example, if he does not know whether the excrement of a rat is pure or not - he should ask some one to enlighten him on the subject. [Chemical change is a purifying agent in the sense that it purifies a najis item.]. 86. An impure thing remains impure if one doubts about its having become pure or not. Those parts of a dead body (whether of a human being or of an animal) which do not contain life (e.g. Is it permissible for us to pray in the clothes washed in such facilities, especially when we have no knowledge whether or not the washing machines are connected to the kurr water2 at some stages of the washing, and whether or not it purifies the clothes in the process of washing? (See the question-answer section below.). Utensils and cups that have become impure because of intoxicating drink should be washed three times if purified with little water. See the answer to question no.