Jail or institutional staff members are responsible for providing the inmate with notice of the Parole Board’s decision. Brief for Petitioner at 5 n.1, Scott v. Kentucky Parole Bd., 429 U.S. 60 (1976) [hereinafter cited as Brief for Petitioner]. The decisions of the Kentucky Parole Board are governed by the following public policies and procedures, which have been adopted in accordance with the requirements of the Kentucky Administrative Procedures Act, KRS Chapter 13A, and are incorporated by reference at 501 KAR 1:080: 10-00 Parole Board Hearing … Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Corrections Menu. Annual Reports ... 2011 Annual Report 2010 Annual Report 2007-08 Annual Statistics Main Navigation ... Parole Board; State Corrections Commission; Kentucky Correctional Industries; Careers ... Chapter 27 - Supervision - Probation and Parole Chapter 28 - Investigations and Reports - Probation and Parole … Ky. parole board hears family’s ... of the state parole board interviewed Elizabeth Turpin and decided to take her case back to the full parole board for a decision. (7) "Parole for violent offender" is defined … The board is provided with the names of victims by local probation and parole officers when they prepare the Pre-Sentence … The Kentucky Parole Board has, since 1986, notified victims of crime and Commonwealth's Attorneys throughout the state pending parole hearings 45 to 90 days prior to the inmate hearing. Parole Hearings are open to the public, however, individuals attending parole hearings may observe only. Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 439.340 details the rights and responsibilities of victims and mandates the Parole Board to notify victims of scheduled parole hearings. 700 Capital Avenue, Suite 118, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 Main Line: (502) 696-5300 Main Fax: (502) 564-2894 Send an Email "0 quently died. Stacy thereafter filed a civil complaint in Franklin Circuit Court against the Kentucky Parole Board, and Parole Board members Caroline Mudd and Sharon L. Hardesty. You must contact the jail or prison at least one week in advance of the hearing (see links at right for contact information) to request permission to enter the facility for the purpose of attending a parole hearing. File Review: After a file review is completed by the Parole Board, the decision is entered and a copy of the decision is then sent to the jail or institution where the inmate is being housed. at the location designated for an inmate’s parole release hearing to take place during the month the inmate becomes eligible for parole. Of particular interest is the involvement of victims in the parole decision-making process. The nine full time members conducted 20,429 hearings/reviews in FY 12/13 including parole and revocation hearings for convicted felons as well as a … The Kentucky Parole Board voted Monday morning to require Elizabeth Turpin to serve out her full life sentence with no more chances for parole. number of parole release decisions each year, the significance of the decision to the prisoner, and the increasing amount of litigation and conflicting decisions in the federal courts. The parole board’s decision means that Elizabeth Turpin will not be seen again by a parole board and will not be released from prison unless there is a court action, … The Kentucky Parole Board consists of diverse, experienced, and committed professionals who are honored to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The definition of “victim” may be found under Terms … An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He argued that the respondents had deferred his parole eligibility date by sixty months based on his erroneous classification as a violent offender, even though … (6) "Parole recommendation" means a decision of the board that an inmate may be released from incarceration prior to the expiration of his sentence.