Wood stain for frame (Color show is Minwax Jacobean) 1-inch foam brush for stain. In my case, I needed to move my stencil, but yours might be small enough to stay stationary. Gently dab the paint straight down onto the area you are stenciling. Check if you have some leftover paint in your house before you buy some. Do NOT use a lot of paint on your roller, start with less paint rather than with a lot of paint because it will smear underneath the stencil. And all it took was learning how to stencil wood, a little paint, and a lot of imagination. Place the stencil in the desired location on the wood surface. Nevertheless, we are not making any guarantees or promises regarding the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information presented. Paint your kitchen cabinets the easy way (Checklist), How to paint your kitchen cabinets without sanding and priming DIY, The ultimate guide to paint stencils on furniture easy, Awesome Bathroom Remodel under 150 Dollars, How to paint laminate countertops easy with interior paint, The 5 most valuable home improvements in 2020, Brilliant ideas how to remodel a Studio Apartment, 8 easy steps how to make a concrete side table, 5 Best Tips to update a Bathroom on a Budget, How to add a white DIY Wood Frame to a Mirror easy, Fall Decoration Ideas – Simple and beautiful, 10 easy steps how to make concrete pumpkins DIY, 10 Best Christmas gifts for Him (DIY or buy), How to add Glamorous Accent Walls in your home, Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decorations you will love, How to make tea candle holders – an easy DIY, How to declutter your home in stress-free 21 days, 5 necessary items for spring decoration (plus free printables), How to Refresh your Living Room on a Budget, 5 best tips how to decorate your home on a budget, 5 Ways To Have More Appealing OUTDOOR SHADE, Best tips how to make stunning looking wall art, How to create a stunning look with art work, How to start with decoupage – A Beginner’s Guide, 5 crazy simple steps to update a storage shelf, Valentines Day Decorations – DIY last minute, Easy to make Christmas decorations for your RV, 7 Best ways to hang wall decor easy in an RV or rental place, 3 quick and easy remodel tips to make your RV cozy, How to remodel an RV pretty colorful (Boho Style), 6 Best Color Schemes for your RV / Camper / Motorhome, How to apply peel and stick wallpaper in your RV, 3 steps you can do right now to brighten up your RV/Camper, How to find the right color scheme for your RV/Travel Trailer, 5 Best tips how to remodel your Travel Trailer/RV easy, Where to get the best RV furniture (lightweight and space saving), The best 5 Camper makeover Ideas (without painting), How to Reupholster Camper Dinette Cushions without sewing, How to lay new floors in your Camper easy, How to update lighting in your camper easily, How to Remodel a Camper Trailer Easy and Cheap, How to paint camper walls and cabinets – Step by Step guide with pictures, Camper kitchen remodel / RV kitchen remodel, Camper remodel ideas (How to remodel a Travel Trailer under $ 200), Winter Camping – how to stay warm in your RV (15 best tips), 25 Best Gifts for RV Owners they will absolutely love 2020/2021, 16 Must-haves for your RV/Camper (you definitely need), 10 Must Haves For Your Dog When You Go Camping, 14 Camping Accessories (Ultimate List of necessary Camping essentials), 14 Easy to tow Travel Trailers (list with weight indicator), 20 of the best RV Storage Ideas you must have, How to Set up your Travel Trailer (8 Easy Step by Step Guide for first-timers). I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to. How to Stencil on a Wood Pallet Rough Board PHOTO TUTORIAL. Pin this picture to your favorite Pinterest board. I like to share my best results ‘How to paint stencils on wood’ with you and I am curious to see what you have been doing with stencils in your house.